Do You Feel Burdened by Credit Card Debt? A Legal Way to Reduce Credit Card by 50% Right Now

Does the phone constantly ring with credit debt collectors? Does the stress of paying off high credit card payments with large high interest rate balances create unwanted burdens? Would finding a legal way to reduce credit card debt by at least 50% reduce that stressful burden? The first step is finding the solutions to reduce debt obligations.

Unsecured credit card debt can be legally reduced if the individual is up to the time consuming task. One of the legal ways that credit card debt can be reduced is by negotiating a settlement with the creditors. Government relief money was given to credit companies in an attempt to alleviate some of the financial stress that consumers are facing in this day and age of economic inconsistency. By releasing this stimulus money, President Obama hoped that the companies would use the money for operating costs and pass the relief on to consumers that were unable to make their credit card obligations. This government relief is making credit card reductions up to 50% legal and obtainable.

Negotiating these settlements, for the layman, can be stressful if they are not confident in financial settlement etiquette. For balances above $10,000, best practice has proven that seeking the help of a professional is the best route for an individual with little or no experience in the area of debt settlement negotiations. Credit counselors can be found quickly, using the internet through search engines. In most instances, these services can be obtained free of charge.

There are many options that an individual can do to legally reduce their debts by 50% without the help of a professional as well. There is always the option of cashing in your assets or savings and paying off the high interest balances. If that is not an option, borrowing against one’s life insurance might be an appropriate choice as the interest rate is, in most cases lower than the industries normal rate and certainly much lower than high interest credit card ratings.

Other options for the debtor could include transferring all the cards onto one card with the lowest interest rate. This is called “Snowballing” the payments. Also, paying more than the minimum payment can drastically reduce interest accumulation and thus help to reduce credit debt. There are always legal solutions to credit card debt reduction; the first step is actively pursuing the solution that best fits the financial situation.